How to install

The assembly of an MPS container pontoon is done afloat by our experienced qualified technicians.

A crane, air compressor and some basic tools are all that are needed to assemble any configuration quickly and securely.

Our special-purpose, patented TEKLOCK® coupling system has been designed specifically for in-the-water container pontoon assembly.

The TEKLOCK® coupling consists of separate, high-grade components that do not form a fixed part of the container pontoon itself. It is comparable to a nut-and-bolt connection. The unique coupling system is simple and easy to maintain and replace.

Once all the pontoon containers have been assembled on site, each bolt on the male coupling element is pre-tensioned and tightened using a torque wrench to achieve a clamping force of 280 kN. Pre-tensioning is the principle behind the TEKLOCK® coupling system. In combination with the number of connectors that are applied, it is ideal for creating shock-proof and virtually seamless assemblies capable of absorbing high dynamic loads.

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