Jack-Up Barges / Self Elevating Platforms

Modular Pontoon Systems has a portfolio of small- and  medium-sized jack-up platforms, available for purchase and or rental. Our jack-up platforms have  payload capacities up to 600 tons and can operate in water depths up to 30 meters.

MPS self-elevating platforms are used in different industries but mainly in civil construction for pilling-, drilling- and lifting activities.

MPS modular jack-up platforms offer solutions for the most remote areas at low cost handling  and affordable shipment.

Joint forces, elevated business

  • MJU1812 (modular) – Payload 75 ton

    Length18.28 m.
    Width12.19 m.
    Side depth1.98 m.
    Operational WD16 m.
    Payload75 ton
    Deckspace190 sqm
    Spudlegs4 x 24 m.
    Diameter762 mm
  • MJU1717 (modular) – Payload 125 ton

    Length17.07 m.
    Width17.07 m.
    Side depth2.44 m.
    Operational WD20 m.
    Payload125 ton
    Deckspace250 sqm
    Spudlegs4 x 33 m.
    Diameter1000 mm
  • MJU2417 (modular) – Payload 300 ton

    Length24.38 m.
    Width17.08 m.
    Side depth2.44 m.
    Operational WD20.00 m.
    Payload300 ton
    Deckspace360 sqm
    Spudlegs4 x 42 m.
    Diameter1200 mm
  • MJU3020 (modular) – Payload 450 ton

    Length30.00 m.
    Width19.51 m.
    Side depth2.44 m.
    Operational WD30.00 m.
    Payload450 ton
    Deckspace550 sqm
    Spudlegs4 x 42 m.
    Diameter1200 mm
  • JU3620 (monuhull) – Payload 600 ton

    Length36.50 m.
    Width20.00 m.
    Side depth2.98 m.
    Operational WD30.00 m.
    Payload600 ton
    Deckspace650 sqm
    Spudlegs4 x 47.5 m.
    Diameter1400 mm

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