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Our versatile Modular Pontoon Systems can be used for a wide variety of additional applications. Our customers come to us with requests for pontoons of many different sizes and dimensions. Examples include;

  • CSD dredgers
  • Mooring pontoons for events
  • Heavy lift pontoons
  • Transport barges
  • Spacer and spreader pontoons
  • Self- elevating house boats
  • Small jack-up platforms, and many more.

Just let us know what your requirements or objectives, and we will devise a solution based on our modular system.

Joint forces, creative solutions.

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Transport pontoon, payload 1000ton

Length 54.86 m. (180 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 19.51 m. (64 ft) Length 24.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 762mm x 25 mm
Water depth 15.0 m HPU 78 kW
Winches 4 pc. Single drum SD15 stackable

Mooring pontoon, Volvo Ocean Race – Scheveningen

Length 73.15 m. (240 ft) Spud legs 3
Width 29.26 m. (96 ft) Length 12.0 m
Side depth 1.22 m. (4 ft) Diameter 609mm x 20 mm
Water depth 8.0 m HPU 78 kW

Spreader pontoon, catamaran type with floating dredge pipe and spreader head.

Length 24.38 m. (80 ft)
Width 11.26 m. (37 ft)
Side depth 1.98 m. (6.5 ft)
Water depth 4.0 m

Moonpool pontoon, moonpool area 36,58 x 7,32m

Length 41.45 m. (136 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 12.19 m. (40 ft) Length 6.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 310mm x 15 mm
Water depth 0.0 m HPU

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MPS specializes in container pontoon solutions that can be deployed rapidly at competitive rates. Get in touch with Modular Pontoon Systems!

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