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If you are looking for a spud carrier, then Modular Pontoon Systems (hereafter MPS) is definitely the right place for you! Our office is located in the Netherlands, but we supply our materials to customers all over the world. On our projects page, you can get a good impression of where we are working and what the possibilities are. We are used to working with our customers, no matter where their projects are located. This is why we have been able to build up an extensive and varied portfolio worldwide over the years.

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MPS’s customers are active in the dredging, construction, offshore and other industries all over the world. They use our equipment as free-floating, stabilised or self-lifting platforms. By installing one or more hydraulic and/or stabilising spud leg systems, the container pontoon configuration is also ideal for piling, drilling, construction or dredging activities, for example.

We believe it is important to keep the customer’s wishes a top priority. MPS is therefore happy to look at the wishes and requirements of the customer and try to find the most suitable solution for the situation. Our objective is to take the work off our customer’s hands.

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Transport pontoon, payload 1000ton

Length 54.86 m. (180 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 19.51 m. (64 ft) Length 24.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 762mm x 25 mm
Water depth 15.0 m HPU 78 kW
Winches 4 pc. Single drum SD15 stackable

Mooring pontoon, Volvo Ocean Race – Scheveningen

Length 73.15 m. (240 ft) Spud legs 3
Width 29.26 m. (96 ft) Length 12.0 m
Side depth 1.22 m. (4 ft) Diameter 609mm x 20 mm
Water depth 8.0 m HPU 78 kW

Spreader pontoon, catamaran type with floating dredge pipe and spreader head.

Length 24.38 m. (80 ft)
Width 11.26 m. (37 ft)
Side depth 1.98 m. (6.5 ft)
Water depth 4.0 m

Moonpool pontoon, moonpool area 36,58 x 7,32m

Length 41.45 m. (136 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 12.19 m. (40 ft) Length 6.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 310mm x 15 mm
Water depth 0.0 m HPU

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