Mooring pontoon, Volvo Ocean Race – Scheveningen

Length73.15 m. (240 ft)
Width29.26 m. (96 ft)
Side depth1.22 m. (4 ft)
Water depth8.0 m
Spud legs3
Spud leg length12.0 m
Diameter609mm x 20 mm
HPU78 kW

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  • Moonpool pontoon, moonpool area 36,58 x 7,32m

    Length41.45 m. (136 ft)
    Width12.19 m. (40 ft)
    Side depth2.44 m. (8 ft)
    Water depth0.0 m
    Spud legs2
    Spud leg length6.0 m
    Diameter310mm x 15 mm
  • Spreader pontoon, catamaran type with floating dredge pipe and spreader head.

    Length24.38 m. (80 ft)
    Width11.26 m. (37 ft)
    Side depth1.98 m. (6.5 ft)
    Water depth4.0 m
  • Transport pontoon, payload 1000ton

    Length54.86 m. (180 ft)
    Width19.51 m. (64 ft)
    Side depth2.44 m. (8 ft)
    Water depth15.0 m
    Spud legs2
    Spud leg length24.0 m
    Diameter762mm x 25 mm
    HPU78 kW
    Winches4 pc. Single drum SD7 stackable

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