Jack-up Barges

Are you searching for Jack-up Barges that are available for purchase or rental? then look no further than Modular Pontoon Systems B.V. (MPS). At MPS we make sure that our clients will experience the best service. Not only do we offer transportation, but we are also able to assemble everything at the desired location. It doesn’t matter if this is close to our office in The Netherlands, or somewhere far away at the other side of the world. We will do everything to make it work!

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Purchasing or renting Jack-up Barges

Have you decided yet? Would you like to invest into a jack-up barge, or do you only need to use it once? By renting our equipment you can easily use the equipment you need for short- or medium-term projects without having to investment in them. Next to Jack-up barges we also offer mooring winches, hydraulic drive units, cable guides, raked sections, propulsion systems, wooden mattresses and much more to ensure that every work platform is tailored to suit the operator’s needs. Have a look at the equipment that is directly available on this page.

Projects all over the world

Our goal is to make our customers satisfied. Thanks to our experience that we have gained for over 10 years now, we are able to offer turnkey solutions. The in-house team of experts always strives to find the best solution for our project within a short amount of time. Look at the projects we have worked on so far here.

More information

Would you like more information about our Jack-up Barges? Feel free to contact us! Our employees will help and inform you of the options we have to offer. We strive to meet our clients’ every need. And have a range of equipment at the ready for sale or rent. See you soon at MPS!

JU3620 (monuhull)  – Payload 600 ton

Length 36.50 m. Payload 600 ton
Width 20.00 m. Deckspace 650 sqm
Side depth 2.98 m. Spudlegs 4 x 47.5 m.
Operational WD 30.00 m. Diameter 1400 mm

MJU3020 (modular) – Payload 450 ton

Length 30.00 m. Payload 450 ton
Width 19.51 m. Deckspace 550 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 42 m.
Operational WD 30.00 m. Diameter 1200 mm

MJU2417 (modular) – Payload 300 ton

Length 24.38 m. Payload 300 ton
Width 17.08 m. Deckspace 360 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 42 m.
Operational WD 20.00 m. Diameter 1200 mm

MJU1717 (modular) – Payload 125 ton

Length 17.07 m. Payload 125 ton
Width 17.07 m. Deckspace 250 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 33 m.
Operational WD 20 m. Diameter 1000 mm

MJU1812 (modular) – Payload 75 ton     

Length 18.28 m. Payload 75 ton
Width 12.19 m. Deckspace 190 sqm
Side depth 1.98 m. Spudlegs 4 x 24 m.
Operational WD 16 m. Diameter 762 mm

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