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Are you looking for for a self elevating unit that can be deployed for a project anywhere in the world? Modular Pontoon Systems B.V. is the place to go! We are happy to help you when it comes to purchasing or renting self elevating units, as well as other equipment such as workboats and pontoons. Part of our equipment is directly available for purchase or rental. An overview of this is available on this page, including the required specifications.

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Self elevating unit | MPS is your partner!

Our versatile modular pontoon systems can be used for a wide range of additional applications. Our clients regularly approach us with requests for pontoons in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Examples include;

  • CSD dredgers
  • Mooring pontoons for events
  • Heavy lift pontoons
  • Transport barges
  • Spacer and spreader pontoons
  • Self-elevating house boats
  • Small jack-up platforms and many more.

Let us know your wishes or objectives, and we will devise a solution based on our modular system. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we are able to help you find the right solution.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

If you have any questions, we are always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us. Our employees are happy to help you and provide you with all the information you need. In addition, we have an overview of the equipment that is directly available for use. You can find this overview on this page.

JU3620 (monuhull)  – Payload 600 ton

Length 36.50 m. Payload 600 ton
Width 20.00 m. Deckspace 650 sqm
Side depth 2.98 m. Spudlegs 4 x 47.5 m.
Operational WD 30.00 m. Diameter 1400 mm

MJU3020 (modular) – Payload 450 ton

Length 30.00 m. Payload 450 ton
Width 19.51 m. Deckspace 550 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 42 m.
Operational WD 30.00 m. Diameter 1200 mm

MJU2417 (modular) – Payload 300 ton

Length 24.38 m. Payload 300 ton
Width 17.08 m. Deckspace 360 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 42 m.
Operational WD 20.00 m. Diameter 1200 mm

MJU1717 (modular) – Payload 125 ton

Length 17.07 m. Payload 125 ton
Width 17.07 m. Deckspace 250 sqm
Side depth 2.44 m. Spudlegs 4 x 33 m.
Operational WD 20 m. Diameter 1000 mm

MJU1812 (modular) – Payload 75 ton     

Length 18.28 m. Payload 75 ton
Width 12.19 m. Deckspace 190 sqm
Side depth 1.98 m. Spudlegs 4 x 24 m.
Operational WD 16 m. Diameter 762 mm

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