Maintenance dredging

Are you looking for a maintenance dredging platform? Modular Pontoon Systems has them available for purchase or rental. Next to maintenance platforms we also offer new and used container pontoons, modular workboats, self-elevating platforms and deck equipment. This variety of equipment can be used for companies in the dredging, civil construction, oil & gas and offshore industries. Do you need help in finding the right equipment for your project? Do not worry! We are here to help. MPS offers tailored made solutions based on our expertise and in-house design and manufacturing facilities.

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Maintenance dredging | MPS is your partner!

MPS is your partner for anything you need. Whether you are seeking a maintenance dredging platform or additional deck service equipment such as a crane mat, guide rollers or a Hydraulic Power Unit, you can have full confidence in our commitment to those we serve. We always strive to meet our customers requirements and needs the best way possible. We do this from our head office in the Netherlands with a team of experienced engineers and designers. Everything we do we do in-house, that is how we can come up with quick solutions.

About us

MPS is mostly known as an exclusive manufacturer of container pontoons, as well sectional workboats and jack-ups. We create our products with care and follow strict protocols and ISO standards. All our pontoons are Bureau Veritas certified for use on inland waters up to coastal areas. Our strength is making our equipment available for worldwide deployment. Wherever you are, wherever you go, MPS works alongside our customers anywhere in the world. This is exactly how for the past 10 years we have been able to build an extensive and varied track record of projects. Look at our project page to see projects we have been working on in Portugal, the Bahamas, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Panama.

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If you have any questions regarding renting or purchasing a Maintenance dredging platform, please do not hesitate to ask us! At Modular Pontoon Systems we are always happy to help. Also, for other questions you can reach us. Get in touch! We will answer as soon as possible. See you at MPS!

Transport pontoon, payload 1000ton

Length 54.86 m. (180 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 19.51 m. (64 ft) Length 24.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 762mm x 25 mm
Water depth 15.0 m HPU 78 kW
Winches 4 pc. Single drum SD15 stackable

Mooring pontoon, Volvo Ocean Race – Scheveningen

Length 73.15 m. (240 ft) Spud legs 3
Width 29.26 m. (96 ft) Length 12.0 m
Side depth 1.22 m. (4 ft) Diameter 609mm x 20 mm
Water depth 8.0 m HPU 78 kW

Spreader pontoon, catamaran type with floating dredge pipe and spreader head.

Length 24.38 m. (80 ft)
Width 11.26 m. (37 ft)
Side depth 1.98 m. (6.5 ft)
Water depth 4.0 m

Moonpool pontoon, moonpool area 36,58 x 7,32m

Length 41.45 m. (136 ft) Spud legs 2
Width 12.19 m. (40 ft) Length 6.0 m
Side depth 2.44 m. (8 ft) Diameter 310mm x 15 mm
Water depth 0.0 m HPU

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MPS specializes in container pontoon solutions that can be deployed rapidly at competitive rates. Get in touch with Modular Pontoon Systems!