Towards the end of 2019, MPS has delivered a modular pontoon in the south of France as a maintenance platform for work in the harbour of Sete on a loading jetty at an oil refinery. A perfect example of an custom designed application of our modular pontoon system. The pontoon has a dimension of 36,58 x 14,63 x 2,44m and is equipped with two spudlegs of 24m to keep the position

About Entrepose

Entrepose Group is an international contractor that designs, builds and operates production, transport and storage infrastructures for the oil & gas and other energy markets. The Group carries out onshore, offshore and underground projects. A global player in onshore infrastructure for the energy value chain, Entrepose relies on its resources in engineering, manufacturing and construction that, combined with its expertise in project management and its mastery of logistics and procurement, have made it a top-ranking reference for the most complex turnkey projects.

About MPS

Modular Pontoon Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of MPS container pontoons but as well sectional workboats and jack-ups. All MPS’s equipment is available for purchase or rental.

MPS container pontoons and other equipment are used in many industries such as dredging, civil construction including oil & gas.

MPS modular pontoons are Bureau Veritas certified for use on inland waters up to coastal areas. Its modular design, international transport standards and easy assembly allow applications in remote areas all over the world.

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