Wintery scenes from Ringebu, Norway where a critical railway bridge -the Randklev bridge- collapsed into the river after a heavy storm.

The middle section of the bridge was first removed from the water so that Sjøentreprenøren AS, a company specialised in underwater construction, could start with clearing and removal of the remaining underwater parts of the bridge pillars.

MPS – Modular Pontoon Systems is pleased to be selected by Sjøentreprenøren AS as their partner to supply the modular support platform for their activities. The MPS pontoon serves as a dive-support platform.

A 2nd modular MPS excavator platform is currently being mobilized on the project which will be deployed to carry out the clearing work of the remaining parts of the bridge pillars.

The Norwegian rail infrastructure company Bane NOR is confident that the reconstruction of the Randklev bridge will be finished before the summer with the help of skilled professionals from the hired contractors.

MPS is pleased to provide a safe and stable platform for the Sjøentreprenøren divers and wishes them success with their operations in these challenging conditions!

Joint Forces, MPS and you!