A special designed modular moonpool pontoon was delivered for our customer Matthäi Wasserbau. The pontoon was assembled out of eight pieces MPS 480 standard containers and creates an moonpool area of 36.48 x 7.31m. The pontoon was floated into position on the high tide and ballasted with overboard water to place it on the seabed. This way it creates an clear working area inside the moonpool.

About Matthäi Wasserbau

In the maritime sector, Matthäi is mainly asked for expansion works, but also for the production of underwater clay seals on inland waterways, for the construction of dikes and for renaturation and compensation measures. For steelwork we combine our competences in steel, engineering and hydraulic engineering and we successfully carry out projects on dams and canal bridges.

About MPS

Modular Pontoon Systems is the exclusive manufacturer of MPS container pontoons but as well sectional workboats and jack-ups. All MPS’s equipment is available for purchase or rental.

MPS container pontoons and other equipment are used in many industries such as dredging, civil construction including oil & gas.

MPS modular pontoons are Bureau Veritas certified for use on inland waters up to coastal areas. Its modular design, international transport standards and easy assembly allow applications in remote areas all over the world.

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