Split barges

Are you looking for split barges? Modular Pontoon Systems B.V. (or MPS for short) is the place to go! We are an exclusive manufacturer of container pontoons and other products, such as split barges. We have a very extensive range of new and used workboats, pontoons, split barges and much more.  Thanks to our ample supply, we are the right place for you regardless of project size. At MPS, we feel it is important to take needs and wishes of our clients into account always. Our pragmatic approach, expertise and own design and production facilities allow us to offer creative solutions. All our products are available for purchase or rental. For over 10 years, we have offered solutions in various sectors, drawing on our own experience and engineering.

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How do split barges operate?

Split barges are being used for dredging, filling and hydraulic engineering works. They bring the dredged material to the place it needed, splits the hull and after the hopper has unloaded the dredged material the hydraulic systems closes the hull and the barge repeats the process. Usually split barges are being used to dump soil, sand or stone.

Active industries

MPS clients are active in dredging, construction, offshore and other industries all around the world and use our equipment as free-floating, stabilised or raisable/self-raising platforms. The installation of one or more hydraulic and/or stabilising spud systems also makes the container pontoon configuration ideal for piling, drilling, building or dredging.

Apart from our pontoons, jack-ups and workboats, MPS offers additional equipment to meet the specific project requirements of our clients. This includes, among other things mooring winches, hydraulic drive units, cable guides, raked sections, propulsion systems, wooden mattresses and much more to ensure that every work platform is tailored to suit the operator’s needs. Part of our equipment is directly available for purchase or rental. You can find an overview of all the available options including a specification overview.

About Modular Pontoon Systems B.V.

MPS is situated in Aalst in the Netherlands, but we cater to clients all over the world. On our project page, you can view a number of great projects that involved MPS equipment. That way, you can get a good idea of the options right away! We offer a full-service package, which allows us to fully meet the needs of all our clients, from engineering to on-site assembly. In cooperation with our own engineering team, we strive to find the perfect solution for your project requirements. Thanks to our experience and our extensive assortment of standard products, we can quickly offer you an effective solution.

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MEC 2107 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 20.67 m. Main engines 3 x 257 kW
Width 7.32 m. Speed 6.8 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 5.1 ton
Draft 1.0 m.

MEC 2110 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 20.67 m. Main engines 2 x 294 kW
Width 9.75 m. Speed 6.3 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 4.6 ton
Draft 0.8 m.

MEC 1807 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 18.32 m. Main engines 2 x 250 hp
Width 7.31 m. Speed 7 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 4 ton
Draft 1.2 m.

MEC 1807 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 18.32 m. Main engines 2 x 350 hp
Width 7.31 m. Speed 7 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 5 ton
Draft 1.2 m.

WB 660 (Work boat)

Length 6.00 m. Main engines 1 x 50 hp
Width 2.30 m. Speed 5 kn
Side depth 1.50 m. Bollard Pull 1 ton
Draft 0.6 m.

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