Split hopper barge

Are you looking for a split hopper barge? Then Modular Pontoon Systems has what you need! MPS is established in Aalst (NL), but supplies equipment all around the world. We rent out and sell container pontoons, platforms, workboats and jack-up barges, among other things. Everything related to split hopper barges included. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we know exactly how we can satisfy every client’s needs and provide a product for each project.

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How does a split hopper barge work?

A split hopper barge is basically a dredging vessel that is able to split over its longitudinal axis to discharge its cargo. This is made possible because of the two half-hulls that are attached to the barge by hinges at the top and hydraulic cylinders at the bottom. Split hopper barges are used for dredging, filling and hydraulic engineering works. Transporting dredging materials from one place to another, like rocks, sand, soil and rubbish. Split hopper barges are not capable of moving itself, therefore it needs help of push boats. MPS has everything available for your dredging operation.

Materials available for rental or purchase

MPS clients are active in dredging, construction, off-shore and other industries all around the world. Apart from our pontoons, jack-ups and workboats, MPS offers additional equipment to meet the specific project requirements of our clients. This includes, among other things mooring winches, hydraulic drive units, cable guides, raked sections, propulsion systems, wooden mattresses and much more to ensure that every work platform is tailored to suit the operator’s needs. Our container pontoons can be assembled in almost limitless configurations for nearly any purpose and can be put into commission quickly and at competitive rates. Check what we have directly available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

We are at your service should you have any questions. Feel free to contact us! Our employees will help and inform you of the options we have to offer. We strive to meet our clients’ every need. And have a range of equipment at the ready for sale or rent. You can view this range here.

MEC 2107 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 20.67 m. Main engines 3 x 257 kW
Width 7.32 m. Speed 6.8 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 5.1 ton
Draft 1.0 m.

MEC 2110 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 20.67 m. Main engines 2 x 294 kW
Width 9.75 m. Speed 6.3 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 4.6 ton
Draft 0.8 m.

MEC 1807 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 18.32 m. Main engines 2 x 250 hp
Width 7.31 m. Speed 7 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 4 ton
Draft 1.2 m.

MEC 1807 (Modular Euro Carrier)

Length 18.32 m. Main engines 2 x 350 hp
Width 7.31 m. Speed 7 kn
Side depth 1.98 m. Bollard Pull 5 ton
Draft 1.2 m.

WB 660 (Work boat)

Length 6.00 m. Main engines 1 x 50 hp
Width 2.30 m. Speed 5 kn
Side depth 1.50 m. Bollard Pull 1 ton
Draft 0.6 m.

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